Some quick thoughts on Lost

I would like to pose some questions I had about Lost:

1)  where did “mother” come from?  Is she an alien or an artistic embodiment of the White Goddess as I believe she must be?

2) how could she grant immortality to Jacob and his brother the Monster?

3)  what is the source?  What is its relation to the Earth?

4)  Why do we need a new “Jacob”

5)  Why did series not show what happened to final plane (with Miles, Kate, Sawyer) when they went home?

6)  Who are the others?

7)  why was Walt kidnapped?

8)  why were others infertile?

9)  why did others kill all Dharma people?

10)  why did Ben never see Jacob….and why was Ben the leader of the Others?

11)  who was supposed to be good and who bad in the show?

12)  Was Claudia (the real mother of Jacob and the Monster) an early Christian–she spoke Latin and named her son Jacob…a common name among early Christians who would have used Old Testament Saint names for the first few hundred years if naming a child after a saint?)  Of course, St. Claudia is a New Testament name as well….St. Claudia, the mother of St. Linus…I’ve heard that St. Claudia was an exceptionally beautiful saint…the most beautiful of them all.  🙂

If my bro is right then only the sidewise timeline of season 6 was not real, but I would like some answers to these questions.


p.s.  it’s good to be back

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